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Dream Levels –Non-Lucid Dreams – To Super-Lucidity

August 8, 2012

Level 1 – Hypnagogic State – Seeing Hypnagogic Images

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Written by: 1Lucid1
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Level 1 – Hypnagogic State – Seeing Hypnagogic Images

You may have noticed that sometimes when you have laid down to sleep and have relaxed, before you get completely asleep, you see what seem to be random geometric shapes, or flashes of images that seem to be random. You may have never given these images much thought. You are however standing at the doorway to dreams. I propose that hypnagogic images are indeed dreams, but they are dreams which are in essence seen at a distance, through a veil of sorts. At this point you are still conscious of your physical body, but are starting to tune out the physical world and starting to tune-in the dream world. It is quite possible at this point to focus your attention and intent on those hypnagogic images, choosing one in particular to focus on its details and perhaps mentally influence the imagery, whereupon you may well find yourself fully engrossed in a dream. You can also mentally influence the general theme of the hypnagogic images which are passing in front of you, before finding one suitable to focus on.  For me, this was the easiest way to become lucid.

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