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August 8, 2012

Dream Herb – Calea Zacatechichi – The Leaf Of God – For Lucid Dreaming

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Written by: 1Lucid1
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Dream Herb – Calea Zacatechichi – The Leaf Of God – For Lucid Dreaming

CaleaZacatechichi is my second favorite lucid dream supplement. It can be taken in pill form, the leaves can be smoked, you can make a tea from it, some people chew the leaves and/or sleep with a leaf of CaleaZacatechichi between their cheek and gums (not recommended, choking hazard). Some people also put Calea-Zacatechichi underneath their pillow or in special sachets in their pillow case.

It is said that the Chontal natives of Mexico would first drink a tea made from a couple handfuls of Calea-Zacatechichi leaves, followed by smoking the leaves before laying down to sleep. They did this for the purpose of having divination dreams, and would seek answers to questions or to seek help in finding a lost object, person, or a forgotten place. This type of dreaming is often referred to as Oneiromancy. They called this plant the Leaf of God. It definitely works!

Calea-Z is not something that would generally be used as a recreational drug. While some consider it to be a hallucinogen I don’t believe it is, as I have never experienced any hallucinations after having smoked the leaves, following consumption of tea, or when taking it in pill form. It can dramatically increase hypnagogic imagery, but these are not the same as hallucinations. It will help you have more dreams, longer dreams, moreintense and vivid dreams.

Many people have reported dreaming of the spirit of the plant itself, or getting messages from the spirit of the plant, and I used to take these stories as anecdotal until it happened to me. I had one dream in particular, after smoking and drinking Calea-Z, in which I was shown several other plants which would help me reach my lucid dreaming goals. I cant wait to try some of them, if I get the opportunity! It is said that as you are drifting off to sleep that you should ask the spirit of the plant what question you would like answered, or what person or object you want to locate. You can read more about my own personal experiences with Calea-Zacatechichi here, and as I use it with some frequency I imagine you will see many updates from me in the future.

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Dream Herb: Calea zacatechichi
Dream Herb: Calea zacatechichi

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